Tony performing at Rockfest 2015 at Cinta Costera | Panama City, Panama | Photo by: Duncan (ig: @im.dunkn)

Tony is the drummer of the band. He started to play drums at age 18, around 2005, when his childhood friend, Alpha Prime, considered him to join a musical project that would be conformed by him and his great friend Rubens.

Tony comes from an artists family. His father played percussion and tuba during his high-school days. His mother, guitar player and dancer since early ages. His two older brothers, Christian and Irving, both musicians (guitarist and keyboardist, respectively).

Tony is an engineer that has worked as a Construction Project Engineer for a decade, supporting and adding his countless effort to several important projects of his country.

As a drummer, he has introduced into the rock and metal world by his older brother Irving, that showed to him several metal albums from bands such as: Iron Maiden, Metallica, Rhapsody of Fire, Nightwish, Helloween, Sonata Arctica, Epica, Kamelot, etc, that eventually evolved into Japanese Metal, Progressive and Power Metal interest to follow bands such as: Dream Theater, Angra, Rush, Galneryus, Uverworld, Siam Shade, L’ Arc-en Ciel, Animals as Leaders, Symphony X; to name the top ones, bands that has three of the world’s greatest drummers ever, at least for the genre, such as Neil Peart from Rush (R.I.P), Mike Portnoy from Dream Theater and Aquiles Priester from Angra/Hangar, which are their main drummer references.

As a person, he can be defined as a very quiet and respectful person, that always love to defend what he believes, creative and analytic when the situation requires it. In other hand, is usually the guy that says something funny and make everyone laugh. Tony always try to do everything in his hand to help and support his friends, teammates and relatives.


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