Alpha Prime

Prime performing at Rockfest 2015 at Cinta Costera | Panama City, Panama | Photo by: Duncan (ig: @im.dunkn)

Alpha J. Prime, Valkeryon’s keyboardist and composer, initiated the band after his departure from his former band Animedley, which was his first band participation as a keyboard player, to create a new musical project dedicated to original music creation, unlike Animedley which was dedicated to anime and video game music covers.

His musical influences continue to be “animesque” melodies and the memorable video game tunes from the 80s. This was reinforced by his influence from the 90s power metal bands like Angra, Nightwish, and Rhapsody of Fire, combined with Dream Theater’s progressive influence, and the classic 80s sound of bands like Toto and Europe. Currently he is still looking for new musical trends and blends while pushing Valkeryon’s music to new musical frontiers.


Prime continues to work on compositions for Valkeryon and, for a short time, he performed as guitarist / keyboardist for the band, at a time when Valkeryon was missing a dedicated guitar player. With Diego’s recent inclusion to the band, Prime is back as Valkeryon’s synth performer!


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