Valkeryon was born since Prime (Synths) left Animedley group. Prime thought on creating a new band with new musicians, which was initially under the name Unlimited, joining forces with Tony (Drums). Few months later, Rubens came back from India and joined the band as vocalist.

Valkeryon performing Live at Rog Bar – La Chorrera

Unlimited started rehearsing and performing anime and video game covers, and then entered into power metal songs. After some internal differences, Unlimited lost two members; and to avoid potential copyright conflicts with those ex-members, the band decided to change their name to Valkeryon.

Valkeryon name was given by Gianfranco, ex-bassist of the group, then accepted and formalized by the band.

Valkeryon with two of their former band members: Daniel (Bass) and Chang (Lead Guitars)

By then, Valkeryon decided to renew and improve their existing songs. Vision of Fire, the band’s first and only album, has ten songs, reflecting the fruits of a band that has been developing its talent for some years.

Currently, Valkeryon is going through a new compositional and recording phase for their second album, starting with the first song Sorcery. During this phase, a new lead guitarist joined the band (Diegoh Alexandro), contributing his great talent.


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